With more than 10 years experience in the 4×4 fitment industry, we’ve seen our fair share of off-road lighting products…as well as an endless supply of fly-by-night importers and Chinese knock-offs. However, during that time the brand that has repeatedly impressed us is Hella – not only for their exceptional build quality, but their tireless efforts to innovate and develop new products.

There’s no doubt that LED lighting is the new-fangled tech – illuminating the road forward in auxiliary lighting and spotlights. However, most LED driving lights are of the bar-type variety, where a series of LED “bulbs” (typically 10 Watts each) glare in a forward direction. In contrast, the subject of this review is unique, and takes the form of Hella’s latest Luminator LED spotlights – one of the only LED units on the market that uses reflector-based technology to get the most out of its lighting power.

Instead of the LED bulbs shining directly forward, the Hella Luminator LED uses a computer-designed reflector that allows the three LEDs to shine backward, so that the beam can be manipulated before it is projected forward. The result is an optimised beam pattern that makes the most of its available light.


Much like all of Hella’s auxiliary lights, the Luminator LED features a robust mounting base and ingenious adjustable bracket. The light is also manufactured from die-cast aluminium and boasts a hardy polycarbonate lens.

With a beam range of more than 500-metres, the Hella Luminator LED makes long-distance travel far more comfortable and much less unnerving – particularly on Namibia’s long straight roads where wildlife is a serious threat. What’s more, the colour / temperature of the beam is closely matched to daylight, which means that it’s easy on the eyes and well-suited to long hours behind the wheel.

Our comparison pix below clearly depict just how effective these lights are…even on a curved road. (The results would have been even more impressive if these photographs had been taken on a dead-straight highway)

No spotlights

Hilux headlights on normal driving beam.

Hella LED light review (3 of 4)

Hilux headlights on high beam.

Hella LED spotlights

Hella Luminator LED. Note the colour / temperature of the beam.

We’ve had a set of Luminator LEDs fitted to our Arctic Truck Hilux for quite some time, and even now, we’re still surprised by their performance every time we turn them on.

Hella light test (1 of 1)-2

Our Arctic Truck HIlux with the Hella Luminator LEDs mounted on a hidden winch plate.

The 4WD Truckin’ Company is a preferred fitment supplier of Hella spotlights and auxiliary lighting. Give us a call on (012) 803 1040 (PTA) or (011) 791 3822 (JHB) to discuss your lighting needs. Go to www.hella.co.za for more information about Hella and their terrific product line.


Beam pattern: Driving Beam

Power: 30-Watts

Voltage: 9 to 34V DC multi-voltage

Luminous flux: 1 500 lm

Light colour: 6 000k

Lens material: Poly Carbonate

Bracket: Die-Cast aluminium

Diameter: 222 mm

Depth: 131 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg


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