The 35-inch Navara Arctic Truck has got to be one of the best looking conversions out there! When you combine the Navara’s wide and sporty appearance with the Arctic Truck look, the end product is helluva eye catching. The vehicle also drives incredibly well thanks to the Navara’s punchy 2.5-litre motor and super-supple suspension setup. What’s more, with 35-inch tyres and mountains of clearance, the Arctic Truck conversion solves all of the Navara’s low ground clearance issues.

Our latest project Navara has enjoyed its fair share of the lime light recently, with folks snapping pix with their phones and posting to Facebook. You’ll also find the vehicle featured in two SA4x4 trail reviews: September and October issues. Stay tuned for an upcoming video, too.

This vehicle’s features included:

  • Genuine 35-inch Arctic Truck conversion kit from Iceland.
  • Full Ironman suspension.
  • 35-inch Cooper S/T Maxx tyres.
  • Hella Luminator LEDs.
  • Our very own 4WD Truckin’ roof rack system with gas-strut / flip-up design.
  • Custom created bush bars.

Call (012) 803 1040 (PTA) or (011) 791 3822 (JHB) to give your Navara the Arctic Truck treatment today. NB: We’ve only got two more conversion kits left in the country! More stock coming soon.

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