You probably know the feeling. It begins with doubt, and quickly escalates into a nagging sensation that something must be done…The time has come to trade-in your 4×4.

But a few things are stopping you. One: at R500k or more you can’t justify the price of a new 4×4. Two: the trade-in value on your current, perfectly good vehicle is ridiculously low. And three: you still love your car.

It was no different for Neil Dormehl, who had owned his 3.0-litre V6 Mitsubishi Colt Rodeo for 15 years. During that time, the vehicle had never skipped a beat, despite commuting from CPT to JHB, heading out on holidays, and occasionally working as a business runaround bakkie. When the time came to sell, Neil was offered a dismal price for the Colt and couldn’t bring himself to let it go. So, instead, he went cowboy…

As the owner of Brandco (a successful vehicle wrapping business), Neil decided to transform the Colt into an eye-grabbing marketing tool. After shopping around at various 4×4 fitment companies which were all offering the same thing (bumper, bull-bar, snorkel and lift kit), Neil finally came across the Arctic Truck name, and from then on he knew exactly what he wanted: 35-inches of unmistakable road presence.

We had the Colt shipped up from CPT to Pretoria (our head office), and it wasn’t long before designs were drawn up and new custom-made wheel arches shaped and formed.

The Colt has always been a popular, well-respected, and almost cult-standard bakkie in South Africa. Typically, most guys manage to squeeze 32-inch tyres onto the Colt, usually by overly cranking the suspension and fitting body spacers. However, the result is often a top-heavy vehicle with a high centre of gravity, comparatively narrow track width, and poor ride quality.

We knew that getting 35-inch tyres to fit the Colt was going to be damn-near impossible, especially as we prefer not to interfere with the vehicle’s suspension geometry. Which is why, as in most of our conversions, we focused on body- and chassis- modifications rather than on altering the Colt’s suspension setup.

The big challenge with the Colt is its lack of trim-able steel, specifically between the vehicle’s front fenders and doors; so a lot of our custom work involved manufacturing the right plates and struts to maintain the vehicle’s structural strength. Alignment changes were also made, and once the arches had been fitted, smoothly integrated, and finally colour-coded, we completed the vehicle with a set of Cooper STT mud-terrains. The Colt was then uniquely wrapped by the folks at Brandco, and we custom-made / laser cut mud flaps that showcase the company name.

In the end, the response to this vehicle was far better than we’d ever expected − our Facebook page went viral after posting pix of the Colt. More importantly, Brandco got what they were looking for, and their marketing strategy of building a one-of-a-kind promo vehicle worked out well.

The screen printing and car-wrapping business is a highly competitive one, and while the rest of its players were using stock-standard bakkies and vans to promote their service, the guys at Brandco shook things up and did things a little differently. Needless to say, it paid off.

Of course, the same formula can be applied to almost any business. So, if you’re in the market for a head-turning company car, give the 4WD Truckin’ Company a call on (012) 803 1040, or (011) 791 3822. As we often say: “Bigger isn’t always better… just most of the time.”


Extensive body and chassis modifications
Custom 4WDTC fender flares
Custom 4WDTC rims with extra offset
Hella Luminator Compact LEDs
Ironman Suspension
35-inch Cooper STT mud-terrains
Custom mud flaps

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