The 35-inch Amarok is one of our most imposing conversions. Thanks to the Amarok’s already wide proportions, with 35-inch tyres and super broad wheel-arch flares, you can expect unforgettable road presence from your VW.

As an added bonus, the oversized tyres drastically improve the Amarok’s ground-clearance figures, along with increased approach, ramp and departure angles. (Not to mention traction, flotation on sand, puncture resistance, off-road comfort, and the ability to fly through potholes)

The conversion does nothing to affect the Amarok’s terrific on-road drivability, so you’ll still enjoy the vehicle’s class-leading ride comfort, handling, and scissor-sharp steering.

The name, Amarok, stems from Inuit mythology, where they believe in a gigantic grey wolf that hunts alone. With that, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to name our Amarok conversion, the Lone Wolf.

Transform your Amarok today by calling (012) 803 1040 (PTA) or (011) 791 3822 (JHB

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