The 4×4 community has no shortage of fitment specialists. These days it seems just about everyone is selling a suspension system, bull-bar or winch; which is why we want to make it clear that we’re anything but, another 4×4 fitment shop.

So what are we? Well, we’re best known for our Arctic Truck conversions and the fact that we’re the sole importers of the Scandinavian brand. But we don’t want to define ourselves by what we do, rather, by what we CAN do.

At the 4WD Truckin’ Company we believe that 4x4s are more than just tools of transport. While functionality and practicality play a vital role in every custom job we do, we want our work to reflect your individualism and keen 4×4 passion.

No matter what vehicle you own or how crazy you want to customise it, we’ll make your wildest 4×4 dreams come true. Whether that be a convertible Land Rover, a jacked-up Suzuki Jimny or a towering Arctic Truck with 40-inch tyres, some folk will tell you it isn’t possible, we’ll simply ask: “When can we start?”

So if you want something more than a run-of-the-mill 4×4 covered with the same-old accessories, don’t be afraid to dream, give us a call, and let’s give your vehicle the WOW Factor.

Call: (012) 803 1040 or info@4wdtruckin.co.za

4WD Truckin workshop

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